Good source for attractive doorhandles?
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Do you know where I can get some inexpensive and attractive lever-style doorhandles?

I want to replace the hideous doorknobs in my house. My friendly neighborhood door store sells the perfect doorhandles, but they cost $175 each. I'm hoping to spend closer to $35 each. Schlage has some lever-style doorknobs that are the right price, but the style isn't quite right -- they're flat, not round.

Any suggestions? I'm in the US, near Seattle, and like shopping on-line.
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Home Depot has some.
posted by jschu at 2:26 PM on July 31, 2008

None of Home Depot's are what I'm looking for (unless I'm missing something). What I like about the expensive, made-by-Italian-elves ones is that the handle part -- the bit that you hold in your hand -- is round.

These are interior doorhandles, by the way. Pass through, privacy, and dummy.
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these are in the UK but seem promising.
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or, you know.. these
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These are $89 a set
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Lou and I found the same pieces (and the same website)
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In case you decide to shell out: My experience with Baldwin is less than happy. Swapping out a handle or lock is usually a piece of cake, but Baldwin (at least the ones I've attempted) is crazy nonstandard, and I have one that I've never been able to install properly on any door.
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I need to buy my door hardware here shortly. Some that are on my shopping list: Omnia 12PR (on sale for $89 each right now), Sargent Studio Collection Aventura (no price, but quite nice; you may need to call a local showroom to get a price for you)
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Builder's Hardware on Elliot has a huge selection - it's retail but you may find a design in your price range. Also try McLendon's in the south end - they will have some that are relatively cheap and may conform to your style criteria. And don't forget Swap-n-Shop.
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Try ?
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Resolution: I bought the ones that Lou Stuells and mrzarquon found, and they're great; they're sturdy and attractive. They were a bit tricky to install, though, and I ended up having to get a carpenter to do it for me -- it wasn't as easy as just swapping out the old ones.
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