find an operatic version of this folk favorite?
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Can you help me find an mp3/dvd/mp4/n-e-thing of the operatic and maybe-BBC Last Night of the Proms rendition of Stephen Foster's Camptown Races?

I have only seen this once on Classic Arts Showcase, but its an operatic version of the folksong Camptown Races. I have pinned it down to what I think is the BBC Last Night of the Proms 2000, but what I can find of that online either cuts it out or doesn't mention it.

Anyway, I believe the composer of the piece was Percy Grainger, but I might be completely wrong. Maybe you remember it? I would be grateful if you helped me find it or a confirmed reference of it.
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This Observer article confirms the details you have. The DVD can be found on Amazon. There are 37 used/new copies there currently.
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The piece is called “Tribute to Foster”. Since you’re in the US, you may be able to play it on Rhapsody.
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I found it on Itunes but the track I wanted was "album only" which was lame. I got the whole thing, it's really a great album.
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