San Francisco exercise/fitness courses?
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Where can I find an outdoor fitness course in San Francisco?

I'm not sure if I I'm even using the right terminology for these things, but I seem to remember seeing them everywhere when I was a kid and now I can't find any. What I recall was a bunch of little exercise stations around a running track, so that you could run for a little ways and do a bunch of pull-ups, run a little farther and do some step-ups, etc. I'm pretty sure there was one of these little courses near Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, and I thought there was one in Golden Gate Park somewhere, but I can't seem to find it, and my search fu is failing me - I get a lot of fitness classes, which isn't what I want.
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Ohlone Greenway has this.
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Wife is the trails challenge coordinator for the East Bay Regional Parks (your nations largest parks district).

Off the top of her head:

Delta De Anza
Point Pinole
Tiburon Blackies Pasture

Several sections of the Bay rail have this as well, but I can't find a map at the moment.
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One of the first parcourses, or fitness trails, is in Mountain Lake Park in the Presidio. Pic.
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I think Crissy Field has or used to have a parcourse as well, but maybe I'm thinking of the Presidio one mentioned.
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There's one at Candlestick Park (the green space along the Bay next to the stadium parking lot). It seems in disrepair, though.
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There is one in Montclair Park Oakland too.
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Previously: Where are more Bay Area Parcourses?

The one in Golden Gate Park's pretty run down.
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There's a Parcourse around Fort Mason. The first stop is at the SE corner of Marina Green.
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Thanks everyone! The term "parcourse" is new to me, and that's helpful. A little more googling has turned up this one in the Marina in addition to the Polo fields one and the Mountain Lake one. Please keep the suggestions coming; I'm hoping to find one that's a relatively quick bike ride from my place at Church and Market.
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