What do I need to get this laptop online?
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Help me get a laptop online please.

I have been given an old laptop, Dell Latitude CPx 650. It needs a battery, and CD drive which I'm ok with, but what card do I need to get it online?

Ideally I'd like the option to go wifi and cable.

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The laptop will already have a 10/100 Ethernet socket; just get a network cable and run that to your router/dsl/cable modem/whatever, and you'll have a wired connection.

For a wireless connection your choices are a PC Card adapter (a slot-in card) or a USB adapter. Both are widely available. You'll also need a router/dsl/cable modem/whatever with wireless capabilities. There are also 'kits' with both the router/dsl modem and a wireless usb stick.

There are plenty of online guides to setting up a basic wireless network. Pay attention to security and make sure you set your connection up with WPA encryption (not WEP).
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That's a real crappy laptop to bother spending money on repairs. A battery and CD rom will cost you about 200 dollars just for the parts. If you need help installing the drive then it will cost more. A wireless card is another 20 dollars. That's halfway towards a brand new laptop with a warranty.

If you do decide to keep it then you can buy this super-cheap wireless card.
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