Can I live in Australia?
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Ozfilter: I'm a 35 year old UK resident. My 27 year old girl and I would like to move to Australia for at least the medium term future...therefore visa related enquiries inside...

The situation as it stands is lady is away on a year working visa at the present. I've just graduated my batchelor's in Environmental Biology and would like to join her and am therefore looking at the possibility of post-grad (Masters, PhD) in Melbourne possibly. I have family (Uncle and Aunt) who are Australian nationals and also we have friends who could offer us work in Northern territory on a temporary basis. So the questions- Is my age an issue, what are the possible visas I can apply for and should I organise the academic part from the UK or wait until I'm there on another visa? Thanks hivemind.
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Hi Rufus, you could give the AHC a bell:

Otherwise, there's more info on temporary work visas or postgrad visas on the immi homepage.
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Go to their Australia migration forum is enormous with a wealth of information for people in your situation. Student visas are not that difficult to arrange, but it is not possible to work. AFAIK you cannot convert visas while you are in the country.
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