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What do you TiVo?
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Well, I'm not sure how this is different from "what shows do you like to watch?"

I Tivo the shows I like to watch. I Tivo all the shows I like to watch. That way, I can watch them on my own schedule. Isn't this what most Tivo-owners do?

I like to watch some of the HBO dramas ("The Sopranos", "Deadwood", "Six Feet Under"). I've recently gotten into poker, so I Tivo some of the poker shows, like "Celebrity Poker Showdown." I Tivo "Mythbusters," but I wish they would make more new episodes, because I keep getting the same ones over and over. I enjoy the reality shows "Airline" and "Airport", so I Tivo those.

I don't Tivo movies, because my Netflix subscription takes care of that.
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My wife likes the "Law and Order" shows and the "Trading Spaces" shows, but there's no need to Tivo them. Just turn on the TV at almost any hour of the day, and they will be on.
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Formula 1 races.
Champ Car races.
WRC Rally races.
my teams hockey games.
The post-season (hockey, basketball, football, and baseball)
The Amazing Race.
The Daily Show with John Stewart.
Da Ali G Show.
The Sopranos.
Six Feet Under.
Real Time with Bill Maher.
World Series of Poker.
World Poker Tour.
and a bunch of other shows that I can't recall off the top of my head.
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I've had my TiVo for about four days now and so far I have several episodes of:

Good Eats
Family Guy
South Park
Sesame Street (for my son)

That's about all I watch on TV. I got the TiVo so that these shows would be on when I wanted to watch TV, instead of me having to be available when they were on.

I'll be TiVoing Survivor and ER, two crap shows that I admit to loving, when they begin their new seasons.
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I don't tivo Six Feet Under, etc, because I have HBO & Showtime on Demand.

Otherwise I tivo all the reality programs that I sadly enjoy, i.e BB5. And Reno 911, The Daily Show, Interpol, Eastenders, Law & Order and other primetime programming, which I am never home to watch when it actually airs.
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Law and Order SVU
The Daily Show
The Simpsons
South Park
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (and most of the rest of the Adult Swim lineup)
The First 48
Queer Eye
Iron Chef

Probably some others. Love the Tivo.
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From my season pass manager:

Formula 1 (auto record keyword wishlist)
F1 Decade
Justice League Unlimited
Teen Titans (Cartoon Network, not WB)
The West Wing
<Joey> (when it eventually airs)
The Apprentice
Simpsons (Manual recording with a 5 min padding at the start)
Def Leppard (auto record keyword wishlist)
Children/Animated & Batman (auto record keyword wishlist)
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
Collective Soul (auto record keyword wishlist)
Children/Animated & Kevin Conroy (auto record actor wishlist)
Legends of Motorsport
Dead Like Me

With a few Cary Grant movies, and FoodTV shows every now and then.
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Well, I'm not sure how this is different from "what shows do you like to watch?"

Well I think it is different in the aspect that I have my PVR set to autorecord some shows no matter when they are on (4 in the afternoon, or 3 in the morning). Show that I like to watch, I just watch.
  • Good Eats
  • [adult swim]
  • The Sopranos/Six Feet Under/Deadwood/Carnival/The Wire (HBO's Sunday Night Block)
  • Reno 911!
  • Rescue Me
  • South Park
  • FOX News Watch
Simpsons (Manual recording with a 5 min padding at the start)

FOX's annoy habit has stopped me from recording shows like The Simpsons and That 70's Show.
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  • The Simpson's
  • Nova
  • New Yankee Workshop
I never actually sit down and watch them though :P
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For me: Important hard-hitting news like the Daily Show and Best Week Ever, and The Alternative on VH1 Classic.

My husband: classic car restoration shows, and this god-awful DIY Network show about radio controlled toys.

My kid: Maisy. Lots and lots of Maisy.
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Didn't see Nip/Tuck listed. I have it Season Passed in TiVo. Excellent show in my opinion, I would recommend it.
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Six Feet Under, Good Eats, South Park, The Apprentice (when it comes back on) & Escape From Experiment Island -- those are my season passes. TiVo'ing the Olympics helped to cut down on the schlock factor. And I TiVo about 2 movies a week - much more than that and I would never catch up on anything, because having TiVo has whittled my viewing down to a scant 90 minutes a day which suits me just fine.
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I was contemplating getting a tivo, and the plan was to tape a lot of Nova, Nature, Red Wall and other PBS goodies. Then I reread The Diamond Age and realized that my kids already have a copy of "The Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" but that it was programmed by large corporations. And it freaked me out so instead of a Tivo I'm getting one of those fundamentalist TV controllers that doles out x hours per week.
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I Tivo those American shows that come to the UK two years after everyone else has seen them. Like Angel Series 4.

But currently recording ...
Aforementioned Angel.
Jackie Chan Adventures

Plus a bunch of other season passes that aren't on at the moment, and which I can't remember.
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