Translating 's/ */ /g' into T-SQL?
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Fixing whitespace: Can someone translate 's/ */ /g' into T-SQL?

Within a field I need to contract any number of spaces above one to one. LTRIM and RTRIM aren't any use, and while I can (and, indeed, have) bodged up a bunch of nested REPLACE(field, ' ', ' ') (that should be two spaces then one - but will be squished because MeFi knows how to do this!) together, I'm hoping there's a better way, which will deal with any number of spaces, without me filling the query with a bajillion nested REPLACE functions.
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Best answer: I just found this in a google search.

Kind of clever and I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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Response by poster: That's genius. Ta. I knew it'd be some trick like that that I'm too dim to invent!
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