Need roadmap in vector format.
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I need to download a digital version of a road map (think AAA), at a fairly high resolution. Would be really nice if it (a) didn't have any text or (b) was in a vector format (Illustrator, Freehand, etc.) where I could delete/turn off the text.

Need this for the end credits of a film. I'll replace the map's texts with the actor's names, etc., which is why I need the map sans text. Illustrator or Freehand road-map-like linetypes/symbols would also be helpful.
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a map of what country/region/area/city?
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Response by poster: Ideally, Santiago, Chile to Talca (about 250 KM south), but any generic looking highway map will do, especially as I won't be using the original text.
Did I mention free was good (as I don't have any budget for this)?
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How about this census bureau data? You should be able to render it in QGIS.
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Chile in EPS format, free (no roads but region names included)

Illustrator map symbols - free registration req'd
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