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Dog boarding recommendations in Niagara Falls, Ontario?

My dog: 6yo Brittany. Well socialized. Wouldn't hurt a flea. She kennels best when she can gallop about with other dogs and has attention from humans.

Ideal setting: A kennel/doggie daycare, where she has regular play with the other dogs and regular contact with people.

She will be well exercised upon arrival, and will only be staying for one night. So, I would consider a well-respected boarding facility that at least gets her out of the kennel a few times a day.

I'd also welcome any information that may be specific to kenneling a dog in Canada, as I am from NY. My dog is current on all rabies, kennel cough, etc and I can easily provide documentation from my vet.
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I don't know if this counts as a recommendation, but I frequently drive by Boondocks Pet Resort in Niagara Falls (no website apparently, phone book says their number is 905 227-6336). It is on a few acres at least - and the location is probably the most convenient out of the others listed in the phone book. No idea what the actual facilities are like though.

You may also want to try calling our former vet for recommendations: Martindale Animal Clinic in nearby St. Catharines. They are excellent vets and I'm sure they could give you a good recommendation.

To get your dog into Canada from the US you just need a certificate from the vet describing the dog and confirming she is current on her rabies vaccination. Details here.

I'm local, so feel free to memail me if I can help with anything.
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I'm going to apologize in advance for answering a slightly different question. If you haven't already secured lodging for yourself, there is at least one pet friendly hotel in Niagara. That combined with a doggy daycare may be easier than an overnight kennel.
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i popped in to recommend asking Martindale Animal Clinic for their thoughts, too!

i live in St. Catharines for school, so don't have any dogs in my house, but know friends and neighbours who absolutely love the Martindale Clinic.

if you want to save some money, i'd dogsit for you for one night (free, obviously). my 2 roommates and i all have dogs at our parents' houses, and we miss the canine company. if not, i hope the kennel works out well!
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