How do I extract the URLs from a web page?
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What's the fastest and simplest way of extracting the URLs from a html file?

Input: Any html page.
Output: A .txt file with the list of all the URLs in the page.

Is there freeware that does this?
How about a macro of some kind?

A script would work but I don't know any of the script languages that run on PCs. Wouldn't mind learning but only as a last resort.
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I know scripts can be scary, but they really are an easy way to do this.

Step 1: One Click Install of Ruby. Easy enough.

Step 2: type this into a command prompt:
ruby -ne 'if $_ =~ /href=\"([^\"]+)\"/;puts $1;end' < YourHTMLfile.html

(The regex could be tweaked, but does a reasonable enough job by pulling out everything that's inside a 'href' tag)
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This tool (URL Extractor 1.0) seems to be free and do what you need. I haven't tested it though.
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I found a bookmarklet awhile back that does this. Here's the code:

javascript:var a='';for(var ln=0;ln<document.links. length;ln++){var lk= document.links[ln];a+=ln+': <a href=\''+lk+'\' title=\''+lk.text+'\'>'+ lk+'</a><br>\n';}w='','Links',' scrollbars,resizable,width= 400,height=600');w.document. write(a)

Just copy that into your address bar while on the page you want links for. Press enter and it will bring up a pop-up window with all the links listed and clickable.

You can also create a bookmark in your browser with that code as the URL. In the future just click the bookmark and it will perform the link-gathering operation automagically.
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Open in Firefox, right click on page, View Page Info, click Links tab, right click, Select All, copy, and paste into a text file.

Only downside is it doesn't have any line-breaks apparently (I pasted into Notepad), but you can probably do some kind of search and replace on "http://" to add a line-break in before each URL.
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The URL regex that I've had some success with is: [Hh][Rr][Ee][Ff]='?"?([^'"<>]+)
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It's important to understand the difference between parsers that understand markup and those that don't. This would be based on looking at a document like <a href=""><a/> and seeing whether you want A) AND/OR or B) both.

A) If you only want OR then you'll need a markup based parser, either in HTML or XHTML. Use JavaScript and a browser, or Beautiful Soup, or HTML Tidy and XML tools such as XPath.

B) Use regexs.

There are some scenarios that regexs won't catch for particularly invalid and malformed HTML. If a fragment looks like <a href=" wit space">click me</a> then most regexs would not have the sense to understand the attribute value boundaries or to encode the URL as browsers do. While initially more difficult and bulky a markup based parser (A) will be more reliable.
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If you need the links on the page to "work", then cutting and pasting the source isn't going to be the solution because you'll end up with links that look like


Or similar that are relative to the current page.

It would help to know what you want this for. That might influence which tool would work best for what you need.
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If you have lynx
lynx -dump -listonly
gives you a nice list without having to reinvent a fragile regex for the umpty millionth time. There's also an option so that images would show up as links too ...
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Wow lost of tech goodness here, thanks everyone. Thx to Chrisamiller for the pointer to Ruby, Rhaomi for introducing me to bookmarklets (that is cool), and EndsofInvention for hidden goodness of Firefox.
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The Firefox suggestion does not work in version 3.
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[@I][:+:][@I]'s answer is my favourite.. nice and robust.
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