What URL comes to mind when you think of the phrase 'beautiful website'?
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What URL comes to mind when you think of the phrase 'beautiful website'?
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NOT www.beautifulwebsite.com (NSFW, not linked on purpose).

In its early days I always thought AroundAlone.com was stunning. It was the first Quokka site I ever saw. I don't know if it was the subject or the design I found particularly beautiful but I got a thrill every time I opened it
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http://gmail.google.com/, but then I'm a minimalist.
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Stopdesign, K10K, and International Herald Tribune
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Well, when pixelcore was around, most of the popular sites on that ring would have qualified. Technically, the ring is still around, but most of the content is, err.. just not the same.
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i really, really like the soft colors on all the orisinal games and the front page is very clean and visually pleasing. while i usually dislike flash pages, i think ferry halim's games are a good use of flash.
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slowly removes lips from #1's ass
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ambrosia: wow -- thanks for the noword link -- truly, there are no words. beautiful.
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Thanks guys (nowords.org is my site)

I like to stroll through the CSS Zen Garden lately when looking for inspiration. Current fave: Mediterranean
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As far as blogs go, Jeremy Hedley's is gorgeous, imo.
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I've always loved Don Barnett's site. For pretty, pretty blogs, here's a nice list, though it's from February and many of the blogs have changed.

perfect.co.uk used to be a collection of beautiful sites updated daily, but these days it's a political blog. I'd like to see a site that does this - surely there must be one? (Besides the one that focuses on minimalist design - which I can't seem to find right now...)
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