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DreamJobFilter: I'm more than qualified and just want to get my foot in the door...but the company uses an online recruiter that isn't responding to my resume.

Long story short: I want to work at the NFL Network. I have almost 10 years of experience at mid-level in a related field and a passion for football. But I'm pretty sure I need to get in at the ground floor. So I am applying for a low-level job, for which I am more than qualified and more than happy to spend my days toiling away for a chance to work my way up.

The problem is that they use Kenexa Recruiters, and though I applied for the job once and got an automated email saying the position has been filled, when I applied to a new listing for the same job I recieved no response whatsoever. I notice that the same listing for the same position remains open (or is getting re-posted) but have no recourse since their website notes that I have already applied for the job.

So, what's a girl to do? There's no opportunity for a cover letter or even HR contact, and it doesn't look like I can apply again. I've also tried networking but no one I know seems to have any connections there.

Alright, MeFites...what would you do to get your dream job?
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It would be worth at least trying to call them and talk to the recruiter. You could also start contacting people at Kenexa who are listed on LinkedIn. This could irritate people and backfire on you, but if you don't think they're going to contact you anyway, what do you have to lose?
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You could also start contacting people at Kenexa who are listed on LinkedIn.

Or use Linkedin to find HR/recruiters directly at the NFL Network and email them. As cnc says, they might just say "apply on the website," but that's no worse than where you're at now.
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See if you can get your hands on the SportsBusiness Journal's annual Resource Guide and Fact Book at your local library or university. In a terrible irony, the sample page on their website for cable networks ends with NFL Network, but just before the listing of contact information for individuals.
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Not sure why my comment was deleted but here it is again in a longer paragraph to prove it wasn't a snarky troll.

Make a video describing your passion and put it on youtube. Everyone else does it, so I fail to see how in 2008 it's not just one more thing to do to get your passion recognized. Just make sure that in the video you're not just saying "I LOVE FOOTBALL AND I WANT THIS JOB HEE HEE". Prove you know the sport. If all else fails, there IS the sex-it-up angle. I mean, if that's your goal, awesome. But if you don't want to be known as the sexpot sports reporter, don't start off that way.

and then I also said congratulations for the first time AskMeFi post. I hope you enjoy it here, and I hope your comments aren't deleted for randomness reasons like my first one to this post was.
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I second calling them. Once a recruiter talks to someone who is clearly qualified and hungry, dollar signs should start flashing before their eyes. Hopefully they'll be motivated to help you seal the deal (and get a big fat commission).
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Consider that you may not need to start in a low-level job. What makes you think a parallel move from your current field would be unlikely?

The fact that the recruiter is ignoring you may reflect that, as far as they are concerned, you are over qualified and thus not a good fit for the low-level position.
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Hi. I looked at the NFL Careers site, and just to clarify, they aren't using "kenexa recruiters" - they have an applicant tracking system from a company called Kenexa. The specific software from Kenexa that they are utilizing to manage applicant flow is called 'Recruiter'. I wanted to point that out so that you understand that IF your resume is in fact being viewed, it is probably by someone at the NHL. As an HR person, and in particular as a corporate recruiter at a global food ingredient company, I can tell you that I am often overwhelmed by the sheer number of applicants to my postings. After I have identified a few good candidates, I often move on to work on the next position. I'm sure that I have missed an otherwise qualified person if they applied late in the game, but it is just the unfortunate reality. I can only imagine that could be the case with an organization such as the NFL. You may just be getting lost in the mix.

Interested candidates often reach out to me directly after having tracked me down via LinkedIn or some other method, and in most cases, I am happy to listen. If you are able to get the name of someone involved in the hiring, you may even want try emailing them directly. It is usually easy to figure out their email address ( etc), although it may take some trial and error. Or, with the name, you might call after hours and try to leave them a message.

As someone said above, you probably have nothing to lose by trying to reach out.

I hope that helps!
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Thanks so much for all the advice. I am on LinkedIn and have looked for someone to contact, but I wasn't sure it was the right person. You all have convinced me to call or email anyway because what's the worst that can happen, right? And thank you mockjovial for the details - I was wondering how it worked and do feel slightly better thinking that I may have gotten lost in the shuffle as opposed to nixed completely.

My first post has been an excellent experience, all, and I appreciate your help.

Oh, and the YouTube idea, though brilliant, is not something I could bring myself to do. Stalking Rich Eisen, on the other hand, may also be an option.
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Oh, and odd-man, it is enough of a different field that it's not actually a lateral move...they don't have any open positions that equate to what I have been doing, but I would actually love (and most likely have) to learn from the ground up about their productions. Believe me I would jump on anything even remotely resembling my work experience.

Also, it's nice to think they nixed me for being over-qualified. I just wish I could TELL someone that I am happy to "start over"!
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