What to monogram for a gift for a new baby girl?
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What to monogram for a gift for a new baby girl?

Of course, blankets & onesies are options but what about something more creative? Bonus if you can provide website suggestions.
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What about a monogrammed diaper bag? LL Bean has cute ones that would be good for both Mom and Dad to carry around. There's always the classic monogrammed silver or pewter rattle. I guess these aren't as creative as you're probably looking for, but they're not onesies!
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It doesn't matter, because babies can't read.

I don't think you should shy away from blankets. Blankets are important and babies often bond with them, so they can indeed be "special" items, especially if you buy a high quality one to start with.

To be more creative, you could have a saying embroidered, or a poem that mom and dad could read.
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Something silver, because it will last. Here are some sterling silver baby rattles, but you could find all manner of special keepsakes. Even a spoon perhaps?
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iPod for the parents, who will probably be up late at night. They do free engraving. Engraved sterling silver rattles/spoons are so twentieth century. :)
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Out of curiosity, is there a reason why it needs to be monogrammed? My over-analytical self is thinking IF they plan on having more children, it would be harder to reuse such items. That being said, as a second time mom we have received way more blankets that I could ever use......most of them are in space saver bags stored under the bed.

Do they have a registry? If they registered for something like a baby carrier (snugli type thing) you may be able to monogram that.

Or maybe a shopping cart cover, which I LOVE to use with my kids.

Here's a site that has some trendy items for baby:
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Was there one particular blanket that (or your baby) really loved! I would like to do a monogrammed blanket but I'm sure they will get tons of them. Therefore, I want to get them a really, really great one. The other thing I'm considering is a wooden stool with colored letters for when she gets older.
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The cutest thing I have seen in my baby classes was a pair of baby booties (like robeez) that had the baby's name on the sole of one foot and the birthdate on the other sole. If you think about it, we see the soles of baby shoes quite a lot. Don't know where they got them though. All of my children have recieved huge blankets with their names on them (can't do monograms because they have five initials each).
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This is personalized, not monogrammed, but I get raves when I give a personalized puzzle stool.
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