Where Should I Promote Mac Services in NYC?
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Know any well-frequented bulletin boards / community posts in the NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn) area? I teach software like FCP and Photoshop, fix Macs, and tutor people in how to use them. I've been running an independent consulting business for around 7 years, but I need some more good places to put up advertising (flyers put up around the city disappear sometimes within an hour). My rates are very reasonable but are not "cheap", so preferably bulletin boards in somewhat affluent areas preferred (but at this point, what part of NYC isn't gentrified...?) And, if anyone has any other NY-specific advertising ideas, I'm all ears (word of mouth has been my best friend).
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Post an ad on craigslist, maybe?
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I've been on Craigslist for a few years, JaredSeth, and surprisingly haven't gotten much business through it-- especially in the last year or so, when the number of postings per day has gone up so rapidly. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so popular! :)
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I'll assume you're talking about physical bulletin boards here. If so, neighborhood coffee shops in Brooklyn tend to be de facto community centers and often have bulletin boards for this kind of thing.

I'm not sure it counts as affluent, but there is a very active bulletin board at The Archive, which is a cafe just off the Morgan stop on the L train (Bushwick). This is basically the only source of coffee in the neighborhood, and it is right next to the train station, so everyone who lives there will pass through and see your ad.

Other places you might try (and where the clientele might have more disposable income) are the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, Tillie’s in Clinton Hill, etc.

On a related note: Not sure what your flyer looks like, but my personal preference for bulletin boards is one with tear-off tabs that have both your contact information AND the name of your service. If the tab just has a phone number, I will invariably forget what it's for.
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Have you considered posting in Kinkos and other copy shops? They may not all have bulletin boards -- but they've got clientèle who are more likely to be in need of your services -- also photo stores. I know not every business owner will be amenable to this sort of thing, but some probably will.
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Well, Astorians.com and its sister site Jacksonheightslife.com are good places to put your stuff (be careful, they have specific sections for advertising)

It's up to you to decide if the people who live in Queens can "afford" your services, or whether you'd prefer to stay in the hipper boroughs.
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Tekserve does their own on-site consulting now, so they're not exactly going to be warm to would-be competitors.

(Former Tri-State area Mac consultant myself.)
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Maybe at a school where they offer Photoshop and FCP weekend classes, for students that need extra help? Places like ICP, NYU, the New School, SVA, NY Filmmaker's Academy, etc.
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Go around to the PC/Windows only shops and ask them to hand out your fliers/cards to people who end up there for Mac assistance. I've got lots of experience with this tactic, and it works very, very well.
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