How can I copy tracks from an iPod to a Mac G5?
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My Dad has a first generation iPod and a G5. What (free, preferably) software can he use to transfer songs from the iPod back to the Mac?
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*wipes his hands and walks away, whistling tunelessly, his work here finished*
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iPodRip is $10. If you want a free solution, I like iPod Tracks to Desktop, which will put a little menu item in your Scripts menu. You then highlight tracks in iTunes, select the menu item, and the songs are dumped on your desktop. The same guy also makes a script that lets you specify a different folder for the dump.

It's not meant for transferring endless gigabytes at a time, but it's nice to have around when you want to quickly grab a song or an album for whatever purpose. And it's free.
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The MP3s are available if you open the mounted iPod on your desktop and use any of the Mac OS X programs that will allow hidden files to be shown. I assume that Cocktail will do this.
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i prefer podworks over ipodrip, it ran a lot faster for me
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Senuti uses the internal database, copies by track or playlists, and it's free.
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