Guava Surprise
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I’m looking for a source of fresh guava fruit that can be shipped to the US. Mom grew up in southern Florida and the Panama Canal Zone and misses those yummy snackables. I’d love to find a mail-order source for some fresh fruit, but haven’t the strongest search skills so I'm not finding any. I’m not looking for Guava paste. Does anyone have suggestions/leads?
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This was surprisingly hard to find. This was the most promising stuff I found. I didn't look at every individual page linked to from these.
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Try your local hispanic grocer. Any grocer with a significant hispanic population nearby is going to have guava in their produce section.
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We got it in grocery stores in Toronto, so there's got to be a grocery store in your area that carries it.
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You might try calling the Guava Kai plantation and asking for help.
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I've never found it in the US. Whenever I'm in Africa/Central America I live on the stuff. I was in Cuba a few years ago and found the food that could be obtained at restaurants entirely unedible, so I went down to the local outdoor market and purchased twenty pounds of guavas and ate them (with some chocolate biscuits) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Oops, sorry I wasn't clear - This will need to be mail order since I'm in a small town and we haven't anything out of the ordinary. Whenever I get to a large city, I'll check the hispanic grocer- good idea!

Perplexity did find some links and I've put myself on the "notify when available" list...

I had no idea this was such an odd item!
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I've used Melissa's fruits before and it was good as a gift. didn't order the guava per se. its out of season now, but seems like they have it when they have it.
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