Where to shop for wallet-emptying denim?
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What's the best place to find premium denim near Bucks County, Pennsylvania?

I'm in southeastern Bucks County, PA and in the market for my first pair of ridiculously expensive jeans - I'm thinking 7 for All Mankind, Citizens, and the like. Where will I find the widest selection and best service (I'll need some help with getting the right fit) within an hour of here? I am midway between King of Prussia and Menlo Park Malls - they're both about an hour away. Bonus points for something closer!
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All things in the world made by human hands are available for sale somewhere within the King of Prussia Mall, and in the case of things like jeans, at many many different stores. Go, then, and shop.
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Bloomies in WG has 7 For All Mankind, Diesel and Lucky.
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Oh, I know. That place is the Death Star of malls. I'm just looking for specifics because I have two little kids that will be in the hands of a babysitter, and so my shopping time is tres limited. I'd like to narrow down my selection of stores from the 10,000 options there.

I should also add that I'm a bit closer to Willow Grove - not sure if there are comparable denim options there - haven't been there in ages.
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It's been years, but I remember going to the Franklin Mills Mall when I was younger. There were a ton of outlet stores there and I think it's about 30 miles south of Bucks County if I recall correctly.
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I should also add that I'm a bit closer to Willow Grove - not sure if there are comparable denim options there

WG = Willow Grove in my comment.
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Thanks iconomy - that might be a viable option. I really hate schlepping to KoP, I get lost every single time.
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If I were you, I'd call the different stores and give them a heads up for what you are looking for. They could tell you about their selection. Also, let them know when you are coming and the type of service you are looking for (and that you are on a tight schedule). I'm hoping they'd be very accommodating!
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Sassyfras is right -- you're about to drop a chunk of change on these jeans, and the salespeople should pamper you accordingly. I would even suggest making an appointment with one of the salespeople so you have a dedicated helper to get you the perfect jeans. Have fun, and good luck!
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If you're willing to trek into Philly, I've heard great things about Charlie's Jeans...very personalized service, etc. I haven't been myself yet but plan on it once I save up enough for fancy pants.
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Hmmm...Philly is a much easier trek than KoP for me, so I might check out Charlie's - holy cow they carry almost every brand!
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Seconding Charlies. I have bought designer jeans from them several times, and they never cease to amaze me. I walked in there the first time, told them what I wanted (dark, long, flared, non-distressed) and the sales person, who was incredibly polite, gave me a pair to try on for size. They were an absolutely perfect fit and to my specifications, which has never happened before (I have an unusual body type). I have been to many boutiques trying to find the perfect pair of jeans, and no one even comes close to the selection and awesome staff of Charlies.
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