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Can anybody help me identify a comic I read around 30 years ago (yes, I know, but it was really good, hence this request). It was one of those American “fantastic tales/stories” (don’t remember the actual title) and as I remember the stories were from the 1950’s -1960’s. The strongest story was about a somewhat put upon geeky chap, a genius scientist whose life is dominated by an alpha male type. This man steals his ideas and become successful on the back of the scientists groundbreaking theories. Anyway, for some reason, the alpha male is not able to care for his newborn son, and our scientist offers to care for the boy. The twist is that the scientist uses the infant as a guinea pig to test his theories on nature/nurture, and the infant ends up looking exactly like the geeky scientist and not our obnoxious alpha male. Ok, ok, this may not sound that great a story but it had a big impact on me as a kid, and would love to find the comic if I can. Any ideas?
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That sounds like something from EC Comics. Reprints of their titles (Weird Fantasy, Weird Science, Weird Science-Fantasy,etc) are available from Gemstone Publishing.
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Call or email Steve Bennett at Dark Star Comics - Mr.LB says he's "brilliant" - and even if he doesn't know the exact story, would be able to point you toward some anthologies that might have it.

Or the guy from Bookery Fantasy - he's the owner or partner, and they have a LOT of pulp-type stuff.
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