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I'm looking for projects people did while traveling..

Things along the lines of Where the hell is Matt? or u truth.

There must be many but I'm having a hard time finding them.

Bonus points for things you did yourself..!

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Having my photo taken next to a statue where you are copying the pose of the statue.
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Well, I've been doing a cartwheel in front of a monument in every city I go to since 1997 and I have something like 250+ cartwheel photos. Unfortunately for you only a few are online.
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I am from South Dakota, and heading west on I-90 there are a kagillion signs for Wall Drug. You can buy a sign there and people take it with them and take a picture where they are at denoting how many miles it is to Wall Drug. If your picture is interesting enough, they will put it up at Wall Drug, and some are pretty neat to see!
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Made a hand-drawn atlas of everywhere I'd visited together with a friend (we'd traveled a lot together), with stories about the places and inside jokes and sketches in the margins, and sent it over to him from the other side of the world. He was really touched.
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If you're going to Turkey: play charades in all the ampitheatres. You can't go 20 minutes in a dolmus without passing an ampitheatre. This'll probably work in nearby places too...
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Phoon away.
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Traveling in Europe, I used to make collages using local scenery postcards as the canvas: pictures of the Vatican, Roman ruins, cathedral interiors, pictures of rivers and bridges and windmills, whatever, but the more amped and garish the colors, the better. I'd grab newsmagazines or whatever, cut out black and white images (I liked how they stood out in contrast to the unreal colors of the postcards) and piece together your basic surrealist kinds of combinations. Actually, it looked a lot like some of the stuff Bob Pollard (songwriter and frontman for Guided By Voices) used to do.
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Driftwood boats (not mine, but similar to mine), and where possible; a message-in-a-bottle as captain of the helm.

Unfortunately, google closed my bottles email account before anyone replied, and I haven't tried again. :-(
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Back in 1998, I handled all the tech* for a Toyota MR2 promo event where we had 2 comedians drive an MR2 across America, webcasting from stops along the way. Unfortunately, I did not get to come along for the ride...it was an MR2 after all. If I can find a link to some record of the event, I'll post it back here later.

I was pretty proud of myself..."webcasting" in '98 was no mean feat.
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I took a photo of every guest bed I've stayed in since 2005, does that count? I also decided to do my blog via postcards [a friend scanned and uploaded] one month. Unfortunately the month I chose was September 2001 and it got a little odd/disjointed.
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Not a web project, but I sent postcards back to myself from a 6-week cross-country trip. On the back I just jotted notes about that day, the atmosphere, short phrases, thoughts. When I got back, they were all stacked up and waiting. Slotted them into a photo-album journal, easy-peasy, and now it's such an awesome travel memento. Not only where I was, but who I was and what I was thinking as I was out there experiencing things.
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That's funny, jessamyn, I took photos of every places I slept (including sand dunes, trains and tents) during my last 14 month trip as well.

Are you interested in sketchbooks or maybe a calendar with a picture of what I did every day of my trip? That was pretty well-received. In fact, once other travelers caught on to what I was doing they started pressuring me "what's the drawing today!?" if I hadn't finished it by dinner time. The drawings get much better toward the end, probably due to the fact that people were looking at it and it was no longer just serving to remind myself.
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Here is a great message-in-a-bottle (found!) story, which could be inspiration for something awesome - I would quite like the idea of making a narrative in parts and scattering it in some way, with or without a web-based way of connecting it.

There's this Georges Perec quote that gets stuck on repeat in my brain whenever I'm in a new place, and almost in spite of it, I end up intently mapping with my feet and then making sketches trying to put the map on paper, and going back out to see what the misshapen or wonky bits in my version are hiding - it sometimes shows up huge bits of land being between blocks, or things that seem parallel running way off, or... Sometimes it's a bit more organic, but I actually really enjoy this.

"Two days may be enough to start to get acclimatized. The day you find out that the statue of Ludwig Spankerfel di Nominatore (the celebrated brewer) is only three minutes from your hotel (at the end of Prince Adalbert Street) whereas you've been taking a good half-hour to get there, you start to take possession of the town. That doesn't mean you start to inhabit it."
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