mystery acoustic song id
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Acoustic male song id question

I heard a song on the radio Sunday in New Jersey around 8:30pm that I'd like to identify. It was acoustic and male and the only words I can remember go something (though probably not exactly) like "my (girl | lady), she's not a fair-weather fan". I've searched all variations of that but nothing seemed to match. I hadn't heard the song before but have no idea if it's recent or not. The general theme of the song seemed to have been being rich or successful and having lots of friends, then losing that but having his lady stick by him (I'm not positive of this either, because I only caught the end of the song). Thanks a lot!
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United Steel Workers of Montreal?

(scroll down to lyrics for "i love you")
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gurksy: I don't think that's it, but I can't be absolutely sure without hearing it (I couldn't find a preview anywhere online). It was a solo male recording.
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Might the lyric have been "fair weather friend" instead of "fair weather fan?" I couldn't find anything fitting your description with the lyrics "fair weather fan" but I found lots of possibilities with "fair weather friend."
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Oh, and I wanted to ask, what kind of radio station were you listening to when you heard it? Rock, College, Country, Folk, etc?

If you know the specific radio station, you could call them and ask them (they'll be able to look at their playlist for the time-frame you mentioned).
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amyms: I think you're right about fair-weather friend. I (stupidly) didn't think to look at the radio station, because I thought I could remember the lyrics more exactly. I actually tried and looked through a couple radio stations' playlists around that time, but nothing came up.
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(I'm also not sure what type of radio station it was on...that song played and it went to commercial)
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I know you don't remember the exact lyrics, but "my lady" just makes me think of 60s or 70s music. I mean...does anyone say that anymore? Ugh. My Lady. Gives me the willies, it does.

So anyway, this band from that era did a lot of acoustic stuff. Fenner, Leland & O'Brien. They did a song called Fair Weather Woman, apparently. I can't open rar files to listen to the song though.

There are a lot of other songs with the words "fair weather woman" in them too.
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iconomy: The song sounded recent to me, but that might be wrong. It could have been "my lady" or "my girl" or "my wife", even. That part of the song was very affectionate and didn't sound corny. It's very hard to search for lyrics on google when other songs happen to be named the same as what you're searching for.
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Sounds like Elliott Smith to me. Would you recognize his voice if you heard it? What about Iron & Wine? Cat Stevens has a song called Here Comes My Wife.
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mattbucher: It sounded older than Elliot Smith and less colorful than Cat Stevens. I'm not sure about Iron and Wine, but it sounded like only one guy and a single instrument (guitar, I believe).
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