Apartment Improvement 101
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What are some of the most comprehensive and useful sources of information and step-by-step procedures for home improvement involving security and resource efficiency?

I just moved into a new apartment. Its a new efficiency and very well priced and spacey. I have noticed, though, that I might have to make some modifications to the doors, windows and possibly some other things as far as security and energy efficiency are concerned. I have noticed the front door and windows are not sealed very well and I imagine my air conditioning is leaking out. The windows themselves have blinds but when the hot Texan sun comes up they turn into heaters that my A/C cannot overcome. I was thinking maybe I could tint the windows with something but would I be able to take it off when I move? So assuming the site management would go for it, or I could do it surreptitiously, what steps could I take to fortify, and seal my apartment?
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