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Awesomeness near Grant Park, Chicago?

I'm going to visit some friends that live acrossed from Grant Park. This is the first trip out there, and they suggested Lollapalooza weekend. For the few brief hours we're not at the show, what are the awesome sights/shops/eats within stumbling distance of the concert? The quirkier the better.
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Memorable shots from movie scenes will be acceptable as answers. Drunken re-enactments could be good fun.
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You'll be right near the Art Institute if you want to reenact scenes from Ferris Bueller's trip to the museum. I absolutely love the museum, but I'm not sure if drunken photos alone are worth the cost of admission.

Unfortunately you probably won't be able to get to the roof of what a number of us call the "Adventures in Babysitting" building to reenact the end of the chase scene where the little girl is sliding down the angled roof.
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It's not exactly within stumbling distance, but might you be interested in taking a quick bus trip to the International Museum of Surgical Science? I'd rate it pretty high on the quirk-meter.
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Also from Ferris Bueller is the Sears Tower Skydeck.

Daley Plaza is also in the heart of the loop, but I doubt you'll be able to drive your car through it. You could just drive around on lower Wacker.

If you're looking for movie inspiration, you might want to check this list on wikipedia of films shot in Chicago.
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Northerly Island (link to photo) is a few minutes walk from the Museum Campus near Grant Park. It affords amazing views of the city skyline, is mostly deserted except for joggers and cyclists and is IMHO one of the better kept secrets in Chicago. There is also a very nice secluded beach on the north-eastern side of the island.
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Great murals depicting the history of the earth at the Red Line station at Roosevelt Road (start at the Orange Line Station and follow the signs to the underground). And you gotta walk through Millenium Park, especially check out the Cloud Gate.
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Quirky place to grab a drink or Cheezeborger is the Bily Goat Tavern of SNL fame.

For at least pseudo-quirky eats nearby in the south loop there is Bongo Room (dessert for breakfast in the form of pancakes) and Orange (fruit sushi aka fruishi, green eggs and ham, etc.). Both might be busy.....
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Keep on the lookout for Puppet Bike.
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the Chicago Architectural Foundation is right there on Michigan Avenue, and does walking tours and boat tours all day.
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