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My family and I will be taking our 3rd annual trip to Waldoboro Maine in a few weeks. We'd like to get some strong recommendations on the following items within 30 miles of Waldoboro: - Place for breakfast that doesn't include Moody's. - Out of the way lobster spot (send via mail link in profile). - Unique things to do for a 3 year old? Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Oh..one more question...is it normal for lobster in a lobster roll (at Red's Eats) to be cold? That threw me last year.... Thanks mefites!
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Wait, so you're asking for travel advice on a community website but you want to make sure that you're the only one that gets to take advantage of the suggestions for lobster by asking that they be sent to you via email? Boooooo.

My favorite out-of-the-way lobster spot in the Waldoboro/Newcastle area is Shaw's Fish & Lobster Wharf Restaurant. Definitely a local's spot, you shouldn't expect table service or anything fancy like actual napkins, but the lobsters (which you order and pick up at the front counter) are out of this world. If you want to avoid the touristy places, this is the place for you (and any other MeFites who read the thread). 129 State Route 32, New Harbor, ME (207) 677-2200
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Every lobster roll I've ever had was served chilled. And I've had a lot of them...

There's a fantastic co-op lobster place right on the water around Pemaquid point area, but I'm forgetting what it's called. If you ask anyone in the area, they'll know what it's called. It's just outside of town. It might be the "Pemaquid fisherman's co-op" but for some reason I feel like it is, or used to be called, something like "Harbor Brothers Co-op."

South Bristol is a tiny little town with a cute ice cream parlor and lovely harbor views.

Wiscasset has a music box museum, with all sorts of interesting things in it, which might be nice for a three year old. Then again, I don't have the slightest idea what 3 year olds are into.

Round top ice cream is a great local spot in Damariscotta.

I don't know any breakfast places, sorry.
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On preview: Yeah! Shaw's is what I was thinking of. Forget my other two recommendations, Shaw's is the best.

If you make it up to Southwest Harbor, Maine, to go to Acadia National Park or something, their co-op has the bet lobster I've ever had.
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Thirding Shaw's. It can be busy, but it's for real. And out of the way. From their dock, you can also take the Hardy boat cruises to see seals, puffins, Monhegan etc.

Pix (and other possibilities) here. Shaws does not appear to have a functioning web site.
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Seconding Monhegan island. However don't go unless the weather is really good-- I went the day after a windstorm, and the waves were still big enough to make the ferry ride there the most nauseating experience of my life... But it's a wonderful place to visit, otherwise!
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Boothbay Railroad Village has trains (including a big-train sized Thomas?). For some 3 year olds this would be the coolest thing ever.
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cold is definitely normal for lobster rolls.

I personally at 3 was very into miniature golf of which there is one in Boothbay on Rt 27, just down the road from the Boothbay Railway village(I also liked trains, whatever.) both of these are around 30 minutes maybe a bit more.

In Round Pond which is down the Pemaquid Peninsula, the Muscungus Bay Lobster Company is very out of the way and very, very fresh. Next door the Inn at Round Pond has really fabulous cheesecake if you're into that, and it's more of a regular restaurant(in case the coop is too rustic for you!) Shaws is good too but these are more off the path.

I live for Moody's rhubarb pie so I can't think of anywhere else right now for breakfast.
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I asked a similar question a while back and got some great answers. We are headed up that way again in about a month so I will be keeping an eye on this thread as well.
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Thanks everyone for the fine suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming!!!
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When I lived in Camden our preferred breakfast joint was in Rockport. I don't know the name of the place but it is just above Rockport's harbor. Right about here.
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To respond to arnicae above, I should've stated that if you'd like to keep you choice PRIVATE, you could email me. I just realized how elitist my request sounded and I apologize!
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