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Are there any better eyeglasses than Marchon Airlocks with Crizal lenses?

I bought my Airlocks three years ago and for the first time, I never had buyer's remorse upon a purchase of eyeglasses. Great style (you can hardly see them) and comfort.
I'm due for another pair of glasses and I'd like to know if any of you believe there's a better pair of eyeglasses available.
Bonus points if the glasses are male or unisex and / or being available at Costco.
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I love my Marchon Autoflex frames. I've had four in succession, stretching over about 15 years with two frames still in daily full-time use (one pair is for computing, the other pair has progressive-focus lenses), and I've never had a twinge of regret over them. They're almost indestructible, you can pretty much tie them in knots if you want and they just spring pack into shape, and they are very comfortable even with the thick (Crizal) lenses my myopia requires. I'm not style-conscious so can't comment on that, but they are men's style. I don't think Costco carries them, unfortunately.

I haven't seen Marchal Airlocks so off to look now...
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Judging by this thread on an optician forum, the Silhouette Titans are also very highly regarded.
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