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Looking for webcast audio and video and sharing of desktop for small group of international users.

Having trialled Webex then read a lot of bad reviews I wonder if people could recommend a solution that will do all or most of the following (free is nice but cheap OK).
1. Audio and Visual calls for free internationally (more than 2 way)
2. Ability to present what is on one person's screen to aothers in different countries
3. Ability to collaborate on a document on one persons computer while in a different country.

Thanks in advance for recommendations/horror stories. If it matters then all users are on Windows machines,
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Best answer: I've used GoToMeeting for this purpose. It's not free, and I've heard the software can be problematic (especially on Vista, but what isn't?), but it does seem to work at least every time I've used it.

Just be sure to disable the client software from starting up automatically on boot; I don't know why it does that, but it was the only black mark I really had for it.

I've also used Microsoft LiveMeeting, which has the advantage of not requiring any installed client software (it uses ActiveX controls, so the clients go to a web page and it does the rest), but doesn't seem to offer some of the features GTM does, especially recording.

The feature I've had the most problems with, with any of the conferencing products, is always the audio. Generally when I have to do a web conference I'll just have everyone call into a teleconference line and then use that to assist everyone in starting up the screencasting program.
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I haven't used any of these but maybe they will help:

7 easy Screen-Sharing and Remote-Access Tools (All Free)
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