Is getting paid to take surveys a scam?
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What's the deal with the whole get-paid-to-take-surveys thing? My mom asked me what was up with - "is this for real?" she asked me. I have no idea, other than my standard "if it sounds too good to be true..." answer. How do these things work? What are the surveys like?
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I don't know personally, but there were some good suggestions and a few pointers from this thread. Doesn't quite get at the "what are they like?" angle but might be helpful in case you missed it.
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Response by poster: Thanks Jessamyn. I missed that thread, good info there - and on the google questions link in the thread.
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I tried doing this during college and they are more trouble than they are worth. Either the pay-per-survey will be really low or the surveys will be really long or both or you'll never get your money. It's honestly a better idea to get a part-time job at McDonald's then wasting your time with things like this.
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My mom does this for a group called Pinecone Research. She gets products to try that show up later in the supermarket, and they ask her to fill out surveys. Like she tried out those bleach wipes a couple months before they hit the market. They don't pay much, a couple dollars here and an Amazon gift certificate there, but she enjoys it.
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I have sometimes done surveys for this group. It may be my demographic, but they aren't that frequent. I put maybe 2 hours in each year, and get about $30. The surveys never take longer than 10 minutes, and are interesting regardless of pay. Most of the ones I've done are on purchasing habits and brand awareness.
They always pay when they're supposed to, they've never taken their time or lost a check.

This isn't a survey, but I got involved with the UPenn MIXER study, where you have short conversations on assigned topics with random people around the US. It was a lot of fun, and I ended up getting $300 from them.
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