Recommend a mechanic in Vancouver BC
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Can anyone recommend a mechanic in Vancouver, BC, preferably in the westside?

I have a 1992 Toyota Camry, it's due for an oil change but I also want to get a full inspection done because I have a road trip coming up. There are no problems that I know of, but it's been a while since I took the car in and it's starting to show its age; it wouldn't surprise me if something needs to be fixed. However, I don't want to get stuck for unnecessary repairs so I need someone trustworthy.

The last place I took it to was the Toyota dealership in East Van, but their prices are really high. Plus I moved to 4th and Alma and it's pretty far out of my way now. (I commute to UBC every day). I've asked the few friends I know who have cars but most people have a kind of 'meh' opinion about the mechanics they've been to. Anyone have any recommendations?

It doesn't necessarily have to be close to my house (though that would be nice), but either way I don't want to go back to the dealership if I can help it.
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I've been driving mainly old Toyotas for years. I usually take them to Frankie at Autobahn.
In my experience he doesn't do any unnecessary work, and he's been straight up with me.
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BCAA offers mobile inspections, so they'll go to you. They'll do a full inspection and tell you what needs to be fixed NOW, and what needs to be monitored.
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