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Awesome my Blackberry.

I just got a Blackberry Curve 8310, and it just eats awesome for breakfast. I want free apps and any other suggestions that can further increase its awesome quotient, particularly when playing with my mac shop at home.

The primary use of this is as a campaign phone. I will use it to keep myself organised while getting a certain Mr. Candidate elected whether he likes it or not! It's served well in this capacity thus far..its mappey gps goodness works to help keep me and my team from getting lost when we're canvassing, and answering email immediately is great. Can I manage multiple diaries with it? Mr Candidate is in a Windows environment and doesn't keep his diary in digital format like a civilised person anyway, and he's got a SEK810i and refuses to en-Berry himself anyway...

In any case, interpret this question widely; apps, fora, accessories, etc. to maximise the use of this thing would be great. I have other gadgets as well that go with me - an iPod touch for when i have wireless and prefer the internets/email not to look like ass, and a backup k810i with my old number on it and for the good camera.
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oh - I know about pocketmac, which has played successfully with iCal thus far! It's a great motivational tool to have one's favourite gadget tell you to get off your butt and go knock some doors.
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I love youmail for my bb.
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Essentials on my Blackberry:

- GMail for mobile (for personal email)
- Google Maps for mobile (for searching businesses in your vicinity)
- Opera Mini (for when websites don't work well with the built-in browser)

One other thing: if you don't have it hooked into a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) you miss out on a lot of functionality of the device. Before the company I work for installed the server, you would have copies of forwarded emails in your Blackberry inbox as well as your desktop and managing two copies of the same inbox is no fun. Once you have it integrated it works beautifully: search, folders, sent items, calendar and contacts. Everything is synced up between the desktop and handheld. While doing research on the BES, I remember a few companies that would 'rent' you an Exchange mailbox to hook to your email address in order to do this without having to set up the server. More recently, I think there is a free program from RIM that runs on your desktop that does the same. Definitely get this part working to get the full value out of the Blackberry device.
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Check out some of the more popular BlackBerry forums for other ideas:,, and
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