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I'm looking for guitar tablature sites similar to Dansm's that are created by one person out of a labor of love, as opposed to OLGA-type "tab archives" like Ultimate-guitar.com.

Anther good example would be Justinguitar.com.

Looking for contemporary folk, rock and/or roll (including metal in all its many forms), pop, and classic rock. Not looking for classical, jazz, or traditional folk. The site can be devoted to a single band (though not just a collection of OLGA tabs for one band) or many. Bonus points if performance tips, instructional videos and other commentary is included.

Examples of what I’m not looking for are harmony-central, chordie, x-tab, ultimate-guitar and the rest of those tab archives.

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Best answer: A couple years ago, I came across Gunther Anderson's excellent collection of stuff ready for campfire singalongs.
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Best answer: This guy's dylan chords page is pretty comprehensive. (as comprehensive as one can be with a list of Dylan tunes). It's quite a list.
(It seems I can't link directly to the tab list. It's in the mirrors section....
Looks like it's changed a bit, and you have to hunt and peck to find the song list, but they're still there.
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Oh wow, that dansm site takes me *way* back. Like, college back.

I get a lot of lyrics from http://www.cowboylyrics.com/ and some of their stuff has tabs.
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Best answer: If the "indie" umbrella is of any interest to you, I feel obligated to put in a plug for Indie Guitar Tabs.com. Formerly known as Justin's tabs with the excellent tag line "This Tab's For You!" Its also a good way to see what all the cool kids were listening to a few months ago.
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Best answer: Obscured is pretty much the site for Smashing Pumpkins tabs. The guy hasn't transcribed every song, but everything major is there, accurate, and done by him.
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Best answer: Here's a great one: Heartwood Guitar
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