How To Place Shortcut in root of Burn CD
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How do you create a shortcut in the root of a burn CD to point to a file inside a folder in that same cd?

I am burning a CD that requires that the index file stay in the same folder as all the files it indexs. I want to be able to create a shortcut in the root of the CD that points to the index.htm so the person I am burning the cd for wont have to go dig for it inthe folder that contains about 300 files.

Any one know how to do this? I have tried but it never seems to work, because most people have their cd as a different drive letter.

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Lifehacker linked to an article that suggests doing this sort of thing with a batch file.
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Instead of a shortcut, how about making your top level file an HTML file with a refresh command that opens a relative URL?
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How are you creating this shortcut? Windows .lnk file? Unfortunately they don't support relative paths, which is what you need here.

What you can do is create a simple index.htm at the root folder to redirect to the proper index file. This has the added bonus of working on all systems.
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I agree that a Windows shortcut can't do this.
I'd use something like <iframe src="folder/index.html"> inside an html file in the root directory. I like this better than a meta refresh for no particular reason.
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Response by poster: jozxyqk,

The Lifehacker article is for an exe file shortcut... how do I get it to work with a .htm file?


How do i do that?


I have no idea how to do that with what i need.
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Try opening a text file and typing in
<html><iframe height="100%" width="100%" src="folder/index.html"></html>
and saving that in the root folder of the CD, of course replacing "folder" with whatever your folder is and "index.html" with your HTML file if it's named something else.
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@Bokononist: ugh! That doesn't redirect to the new page, it just opens it in a fullscreen iframe. Much nicer to make a blank index.htm in your root directory and use a meta redirect: place the following tag in your HEAD section.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=folder/index.htm">

That will tell the browser to redirect you to the other index file, wherever you want.
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...and I didn't read the whole post. Sorry Bokononist!
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The Lifehacker article also mentioned a simple menu program called PStart, which I think may be a better solution.
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