I need to borrow a clawfoot-style bathtub and the space it is in to shoot some photos of somebody in it.
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AustinArtistsFilter: Anybody got a big clawfoot bathtub and/or space it's in I could use to shoot some pix?

There will be a person in said tub with some food items, it's for a collaborative project I'm working on with a painter.

If not, any idea on the easiest way to get this to come about? I can't imagine hauling a big-ass bathtub around is easy to do (like say, getting a tub and putting it somewhere for the photo shoot).

I know I could just shoot in somebody's nice bathroom, but I would like to be able to have some space to move around the tub, and not have to photoshop out walls smack behind it later, either, if I can swing it.
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You might want to check out Austin-area architectural salvage places.
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About two weeks ago there was a clawfoot tub in the yard of a house off Houston between Woodrow and Lamar (on the south side of the street). I'm not sure if it's still there or what the deal with it might be, but it might be worth doing a drive-by if you're still looking?
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