Blackberry in Korea?
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Will a Blackberry that works in Japan also work in South Korea? I believe they both use 3G correct?
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I was in Korea in January. GSM blackberries (Rogers, an 8800, a 8100) did work to a limited degree, we were able to call out and receive calls on them. This was patchy and prone to failure. Email did not work.

CDMA blackberries (Telus), as expected, did not work.

People in SK had no clue what blackberries were. No one had ever seen one before.

We ended up renting phones at the airport (~20 USD/week).
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My wife's Blackberry (homeport Seattle, WA) works intermittently in Seoul, at best. Email doesn't work. Don't know how that compares to Japan, sorry, but it's another datapoint.
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Verizon's Gobalphone (Blackberry 8100) will work on CDMA and GSM networks, their partner is Vodaphone for the GSM network.
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Err that's an 8830..
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Korea uses the same frequencies as Europe. Japan is an oddity. A quad-band phone should be able to handle US, Europe, Korea, and Japan. Data services most likely will not work. IIRC, they arent on the standard frequencies and the international peering agreements dont usually include them.
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If your BlackBerry is the 8707h model with service from NTT DoCoMo, you will need to sign up for global roaming to use it; however, it does have GSM support so you can roam in GSM countries.

You might want to contact DoCoMo's customer care for BlackBerry users if you have detailed questions.
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