PIP from two sources?
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Can I do picture in picture from two different inputs on any TVs?

I am wondering if it is possible for a TV to do a picture in picture function from two different inputs? For example, if I have a PS3 and a cable box both plugged into the TV (in say, input 1 and input 2) would it be possible to watch TV, and then have the PS3 show up as a little picture in picture box in one corner?

My TV in particular is this Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV but I'm not entirely sure the TV even has PIP, or if I have been doing that through my DVR cable box instead. However, I would like to know if it is possible on my TV, and if not, is it possible on any other TV? Thanks for your help!
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I've got a Dell TV, and it can only do PIP this way. That is, it cannot show two TV stations at once, but it can show one TV station and, say, a computer signal at the same time. I don't know whether it can use two external sources at once—doubt it.
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Isn't that what Picture-in-Picture is for?
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I was under the impression that TV's that can do PIP use the same source (say, cable TV) and can display two channels from that source, not that they can display TV on the main screen and the VCR in the PIP box? Am I wrong?
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Yes Grither, you've got it backwards.
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The style that you are NOT lookig for is actually the advanced one!

The reason is simple-- it would need to have two tuners. I seem to remember some TVs boasting of "two-tuner PIP".

What you are asking for is, as jozxyqk said, more of the traditional PIP facility. If your TV has PIP, then you will certainly be able to do this. The only trick might be that it may only support PIP over a certain set of inputs. (it may only do it via analog).
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..Now that I think about it, I think the source of your confusion might be the incorrect terminology on your cable TV remote control.
I've got Comcast cable, with a DVR box, and in order to swap between the "currently recording" tuner and the "free" tuner, you have to use the controls marked "Picture-in-Picture" on their universal remote. But that's not really PiP; I am not sure why it's labeled that way.
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It certainly is possible with some TVs. My TV, an old Sony WEGA will PiP (actually mine is splitscreen) on any combination of inputs (and since it has two analog TV tuners, it will show two TV shows as well).

The TV you linked to is a 1080p set and I can't imagine that a high end TV these days doesn't have PiP.
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Ok, so I would need to look for a TV that can do PIP from two HDMI inputs then, correct? So old school PIP with new school connections? Thanks!
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It appears Sharp doesn't do PIP. Looks like I'll have to go for another brand next time around, which is a shame, cause the Sharp is a great looking TV. Thanks all!
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