Free font sites?
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What are some good sites for free fonts, both classic and trendy?

I'm on a pc.

I'm looking for free versions of the classics, like Bodoni, Helvetica, etc, as well as some scripty type things, screenprinted style, and anything slick and serif-free.
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They work well in flash, but can also be used outside - very slick. A decent amount of free fonts
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I check FontLover frequently, and I'm also following the fonts tag on

And googling for a font name + "TTF" + "Parent Directory" will occasionally work wonders. ;)
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my personal Chank . he (and his friends) do some great fonts.
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Gentium is free.
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Luc Devroye at McGill keeps a good free font archive listing.
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My favorite spot for trendy fonts: (Sadly, the site seems to have been abondoned by its owner, but the free font archives are still there and still great.)
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Response by poster: thanks guys.

That other thread had some good suggestions too.
Don't know how I missed it.
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Chank's my favourite too!
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typewriter fonts

personal favorite=1942 report
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apostrophic labs was a pretty neat free foundry. unfortunately, they closed up shop a while ago... replaced by a with a page holder promising their eventual return, only to be further replaced by a straight-out 404.

well, if you look hard enough, you can find appriciative apostrophic fans posting their collections online. why look, here's one now!
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Acid Fonts
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