Copper pot maintenance and repair
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How do I know if a tin-lined copper pot really needs re-tinning? Are there reliable re-tinning services in or around Seattle?

The copper pot I have has some light circular scuff marks and very light (visible by tilting the pot at an angle) scratches at the bottom of the pot, but there's a 5mm dark spot around the inside edge near the bottom.

I generally use it to make custard bases and wine-based sauces, nothing too acidic. I use wooden and non-stick stirrers so I'm honestly a bit surprised at the damage — is the tin lining really this fragile?

Ultimately, I'd like to avoid copper poisoning when using this pot, but from what I have read about the marks I see, it seems inconclusive whether re-tinning is needed. Will re-tinning be necessary, and, if so, is there a competent, non-sloppy re-tinner in or around the Seattle metro area?
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judging from your usage, might you be within warranty? many of these pots come with 10+ years of warranty. if you know the manufacturer, perhaps if you called and said exactly what you told us, the company may very well send you a new one. good luck!
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To find a re-tinner, try calling a local Williams-Sonoma store and asking for their recommendation. They sell tinned copper pots, and the store here in SF has a nice list of local resources such as tinners. I assume the Seattle store would as well. (Not everybody who works there may know about the list - in SF it's a few sheets of handwritten notes stashed behind the main cash register, so you may need to ask a manager about re-tinning services.)
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