What's the song in that UK CSI advert?
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CSI and CSI Miami reruns are being advertised on a UK Cable station with an urban/hip-hop song filled with a neat trumpet refrain. What is that song?

I didn't pay attention to what station(s) was running the advert, but I've had the trumpet bit in my head since I returned to the States. I've tried adtunes.com as well as other advert searches, google, and absolutely no luck.

All I remember:

Seemed to be an advert for reruns, not original airings, of CSI: Las Vegas and CSI: Miami. A yellow graphic would outline the main characters in a freeze frame and display a cutsie gangster nickname, like Gil "The Brain" Grissom or whatever. All during that cool trumpet refrain. There were some muted hip-hop lyrics nearing the end of the commercial, so I think it's urban/hip-hop/rap and not a more traditional brass-instrument genre. Was playing 2 weeks ago on Virgin cable.

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The only 'cool trumpet refrain' 'urban' song I can think of is RJD2's Ghostwriter.
but it's only a guess, not least because of the fact that you said you heard lyrics, and this song is entirely instrumental.
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I am in Canada so haven't seen the ad, but when I read "urban/hip-hop song filled with a neat trumpet refrain," I thought of Roc Boys by Jay-Z (song starts like :40 seconds in, the background music at the beginning?). It's from the American Gangster album, so the gangster theme would kind of fit?
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I can't remember that one, but it's possible I've just not seen it.

A good place to look for UK advert music is http://www.commercialbreaksandbeats.co.uk/ and their forum has a section for TV trailers. I searched just now for CSI and it returned a few results but nothing helpful to what you want. It's probably worth keeping an eye on and perhaps posting there though.
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Nope, not RJD2 or Jay-Z (or at least not that Jay-Z song). :(
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Could it be Battle Without Honor or Humanity?
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Could it be Spottieottiedopaliscious from Outkast? The horns starts about 38 seconds in.
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Since it's CSI: Las Vegas and CSI: Miami, this seems insane, but maybe 'Goin Back to Cali'? (This conjecture is based only on the 'neat trumpet refrain' part.)
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I don't think it uses a trumpet, but could it be Calabria?
(More info here)
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davey_darling: nope.

AceRock: nope.

box: nope.

moonshine: that was fucking awesome, but still nope.
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Outkast, The Rooster?
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CSI? CSI Miami...? I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the channel you were watching was Five US. This is mostly based on the fact that Five US plays one of the variations of CSI almost constantly. However, in my house, we watch one of the variations of CSI almost constantly, and I don't remember these ads you describe. But that might be because we only watch Five US to watch CSI, when they wouldn't be advertising CSI.
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shadow vector: nope. (The trumpets sounded like part of a chorus, not a constant riff thing. So very close to Ghostwriter's style, but def. not RJD2.)

Helga-woo: I think you've narrowed it down to the channel. I found this on a CSI fan site, where they make fun of a typo in the Gil "The Bugman" Grissom text. Nothing further, though.
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I immediately thought it could be Trick Daddy Take it to da house. It's from Miami after all..
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citron: nope. More of an extended pomp/jazz solo rather than part of the background music.
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Oh well, thanks anyway everyone.
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Oh fuck yeah I found it. I was watching The Wire (s04e06) and they were playing the Curtis Mayfield song "Move on Up" which was the trumpet sample that I heard from the more modern hip-hop song, which appears to be Kanye West's "Touch the Sky."
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