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Is there a site out there that can help me keep track of what I wear?

I'd like to look at my clothes-wearing habits, such as how often I wear something or when the last time I wore something was, and I thought there might be some software or a web site that could help with this out there already.

I haven't found anything remotely close to what I'm looking for with Google. I saw this previous question, but the discussion there is more about whether an outfit is good or bad; I'm looking for a different kind of analysis.
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You could do it yourself with a simple spreadsheet, or if you want it online for ease of access, use a GoogleDocs spread sheet.

If you catalogued all your items down the left, for example, you could tick off items of clothing across the top day by day and run exciting reports!
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Not that I know of. What about taking a full-length digital photo every day for a month (or two, or...)? Mount the camera on a tripod in the same place for extra-anal-analysis. Then just upload the pictures, view in thumbnail, and mark down the clothes you wore and how many times. You could even print out the "contact sheet" and hang it in your closet/dresser for reference.
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You could use Polyvore for this I think. You clip/upload items and combine them to make "sets (outfits)" which you could label by date. It wouldn't provide definitive data like DarlingBri's suggestion. You'd have to eyeball it a little bit.

I think cocoagirl's idea is a lot easier though. You could "tag" the photos by clothing item and then be able to see when you wore something by searching on the tags or seeing how often they are used.
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wardrobe_remix is an excellent group, though focus there tends to be specifically on developing a personal *style* and not necessarily on keeping track of what you wear.

Style Diary is similar, though a bit cheesier, where the focus is just on documenting outfits that you've worn.
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If you use Flickr and tag the photographs with a description of each item, all you'd have to do is click the tag when you wanted to see previous combinations. The photographs would already be dated thanks to the EXIF data, and you could organise them into sets/collections, eg: colours, evening wear, work clothes, shoe/socks etc

If you still can't find an answer, I would go directly to the wardrobe_remix group and ask them for more ideas. They are an incredible community.
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