Help me get my little brother back!
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What's the best way to get my little brother (16) home (NYC) this weekend, from Street, MD?

My brother is in summer camp in Street, MD. I need to get him home by Thursday afternoon, and he'll leave again Sunday morning. The closest and seemingly best option I've found is a Megabus leaving from the Park n Ride at White Marsh, MD.

So assuming that is the best option:

-I've narrowed down the White Marsh Park n Ride (at the White Marsh mall) on Google Maps, but is there an address I can give him, so he can be driven by an inexperienced counselor who is unfamiliar with the area? On the same note, are there signs etc. nearby that will help the counselor find the area?

-About Megabus:

--Are there prices likely to rise in the next couple of days while I figure al of this out? Currently they're at $18 on the 7/31 (MD-NY) leg, and $17 for the 8/3 (NY-MD) leg.
--Is the code really all he'll need? No ID, no credit card? I ask only because of Greyhound wanting to fleece me $15 EACH WAY for booking a ticket for a kid without his own card.
--Will a (pretty street-smart) 16 y/o kid have a problem? It's a direct bus, but is there anything I should have him look out for?

And of course, if there are any options better than this Megabus, what are they?

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If time allows, I think the best way would be to rent a car, drive down and get him. Definitely not inexpensive and you'd have to drive him back.
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Best answer: I have shown up for Megabus with the code written on post-it notes, on the inside covers of paperbacks, and even on my hand and was let on the bus each time; you can also just print out the confirmation page they show you after purchasing; you could probably forward whatever e-mail confirmation they send you to him and perhaps he could print it out in the camp office. The code is a long series of letters and numbers; not so easy to memorize.
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Best answer: The Megabus between Baltimore and NYC (or Washington and NYC) sells out a lot on weekends. I don't think the tickets ever go above $20, but they do become unavailable.
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Best answer: The park and ride at the White Marsh mall is easy to get to from 95. From 95, heading South, take the White Marsh exit, you get deposited onto White Marsh Blvd, turn left at the next light. Ikea is on the right, turn before Ikea and the park n ride is on the right.
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Best answer: I usually print out the email confirmation (or the confirmation page from the website) and take that with me to get on the bus. I've never been asked for ID. Megabus is pretty safe in terms of the other passengers not bothering you, and it's pretty comfortable as buses go (better than Greyhound and the Chinatown bus -- they have wifi). I think a 16 year old should be fine. The bus drivers are usually pretty nice if you're unsure of where you're getting off; they'll answer your questions. I've never paid more than $22 to go to NYC from DC, and I usually buy my tickets the night before or the day of. Hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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