Help me find a poem about bores and dinner parties...
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I'm trying to find an old poem or essay that I read many, many moons ago. I am not sure I even have the specifics correct. It basically dealt with having to reject a dinner party invitation because the author couldn't stand to be with bores and the people there. For some reason I think it was by Wilde, Orwell or Larkin. If anyone can help me find it, I will be much appreciative. Thanks.
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The only dinner party literature I can recall is Joyce's "The Dead," which I doubt is what you are looking for but is certainly worth reading while you wait for the real answer. I just thought it was interesting that the use of "dinner party" and "poetry" was enough to get this entry a sidebar full of Google ads for "Hot gay men."
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Bah, my post broke it. It's a self negating prophesy.

Anyway... could it have been an excerpt you read?
In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde there is a section similar to what you ask.
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I must decline your invitation, owing to a subsequent engagement. -- Wilde.
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My wife and I have asked a crowd of craps
To come and waste their time and ours: perhaps
You'd care to join us? In a pig's arse, friend.
Day comes to an end.
The gas fire breathes, the trees are darkly swayed.
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Larkin is so damned good. Thanks TFYLM.
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Response by poster: TFYLM wins.
Thanks man.
I really appreciate you helping me find that.

And moift, good catch on the Dorian Gray. Maybe that is why I was thinking it might be Wilde. But it was the Larkin one that fire found that I was trying to recall.

Thanks all.
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