Revenge on Sicko Boss
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Yet another ID that movie question...(details inside may be disturbing)

Many years ago (circa Spring 1994) Mr. Adams and I stayed at a quaint B&B in York (England) while on vacation. Anyway, long story short, we had the TV on very late at night (since we were accustomed to leaving the TV on all night at home), and there was some movie that appeared to be American in origin (based on the accents of the actors). The scene I recall (because it caught me completely by surprise) featured a female office worker having dinner at her boss' house/apartment. I just remember that it seemed to be a nice business dinner until the boss pulled a gun on the female and forced her into bed and subsequently raped her (it wasn't shown onscreen, but it was implied.) I do recall a "morning after" scenario when the victim asked if she could leave and the perp said something like "I think you can do better than that" and assaulted the woman once again. The last thing I remember before falliing asleep was the woman taking shooting lessons at a rifle range in an effort to get a gun permit.

Does this film ring a bell with anyone? I've always been curious to find out what happened to the woman after she got her gun - did she seek revenge or what?
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This line: "I think you can do better than that" makes me think it's American Psycho starring Christian Bale, but the rest of the details don't really fit. He said that to two prostitutes, but his receptionist was at his house on a different occasion.
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Actually, never mind. American Psycho was released in 2000, some 6 years after your B&B experience. Good luck!
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I dug around on imdb for movies before 1994 with 'rape' and 'revenge', but nothing came up that fit your description - just a bunch of horror-type movies. Any chance you can recall the actors?
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Do you remember if it looked as if it were something that would have been recently released around '94, or something that could have been filmed during the 70's?

I really doubt this is what you saw on TV, but the rifle range scene reminds me a lot of 'They Call Her One-Eye'/ 'Thriller: en grym film' (NSFW)

The rest of the details kind of fit; before being abducted and raped, the main character is out on a dinner date with the man who later imprisons her. He isn't her boss though.
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