Where can I find a bedframe like this in Vancouver, BC?
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Where can I find a bedframe like this in Vancouver, BC?

I love this bed frame, with storage drawers beneath, but am wondering if there are other furniture places in Vancouver (not IKEA) that sell quality storage bed frames at a reasonable price? (is under $2,000 possible?) I've seen the flip-up kinds at Koolhaus, but want the storage drawers.

We are moving there next month and are looking for recommendations from locals.
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I did a bed hunt in Vancouver recently and Bedcetera was the best source I found. They had several under-bed drawer options and I think one was even solid wood. Sorry, I have no time to search there right now for it, though.
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Yaletown Sofa can be very helpful. Their quotes on storage beds were the lowest I could find. They have catalogues you can look through or you can ask.

Henley's out on Grandview also has catalogues and decent prices. I have a few items from them.
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Oh, and Yaletown told me $1200-$1600 for storage beds when I last asked.
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Scan Design often has some nice furniture, and they don't have everything online. They have at least one bed with drawers listed, but I'd suggest calling them or going to the store. They have great kitchen tables too - I have one that rolls out to accommodate dinner parties and it's really well made.
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Industrial Revolution has one too -- I'd also call them because I don't think their entire store inventory is online.
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Great Pacific Furniture might have something too -- their website is kind of cheesy, and some of the furniture is hilariously bad, but they have some great sales and might have bedframes with drawers.
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EQ3 has something like that. It's a chain, but not a totally evil one. Furniture sold in Canada is made in Canada, quality is OK to good.
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Thank you so much everyone!! :)
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