This song is stuck to me like glue.
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Help me find this indie pop duet that includes lyrics like "I'm gonna stick with you... stick like glue."

So, last April (or maybe March) I was in a Starbucks and I heard this song that I really liked. I asked the staff about it, but by that time the next song had started and they couldn't tell me what the previous song was because the playlist was computerized and random. It was a male female duet, with a cheerful, summery feel, maybe with a little bit of vaudeville or roots music flavor. As I said above, the chorus included lines like "I'm gonna stick with you..." and something about glue. I don't remember the other lyrics, but I think there were some other cutesy metaphors for love too. I've tried Googling and searching on All Music to no avail--I know it's not the Elvis song or the Lou Reed song or the Angel song. I'm hoping one of you has heard this song and knows who sings it.
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Is it this one?

The lyrics seem to be cutesy, but I can't get the MP3 to play to see if the rest of the description matches.
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Huh? Isn't that the Mouldy Peaches, from the soundtrack to Juno?
Or at least, the female half of the MPs.
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Oh, now I hear a bit more of it, yeah, that's Lou...
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The female in the VU track is Maureen Tucker, the drummer in the band, and, later, Wal-Mart greeter.
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(And Starbucks, of course, did a deal to market the Juno DVD through their outlets, so it seems extra-likely they'd have been playing the soundtrack there...)
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it's definitely the velvet underground song linked to in the first link. i work at starbucks and was pleasantly surprised to hear it one day.
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Thanks, bradly!
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