Looking for international or obscure card games
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CardGamesFilter: International or unusual card games I can play with 2 other people?

Last night, I played an Indonesian card game called 41 with some friends and had a real blast. I'm wondering if there are any other international card games that I could play with my friends.

I'll also expand this question to include obscure card games. We already know all about bridge, canasta, euchre, etc. I'm talking really obscure card games.

Links to rules would also be appreciated.

I'm sure all the MeFites have some great suggestions for me.

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Armenians play Belote. Apparently is it French in origin. Here is a different Wikipedia page.
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Skat isn't all that obscure, but it's perfect for three people. We used to play when we couldn't find a fourth for bridge.
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500 is popular in Australia. According to that wiki entry, it started in the US and then lost popularity. 500 is unique in my mind, in that you can buy special decks for it with number cards that go up to 13. I last played it in the early 90's and have forgotten much since then, but I think it was pretty easy to pick up and be fairly good at. Playing Misere (and lay down Misere) of fun, when you think you have such a shit hand you deliberately announce & set out to loose each trick. I recall much laughter and swearing and name calling.
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You don't get much more international than Shithead (which has a wikipedia page too, but that gets a bit confusing in its listing of all possible variations), although of course some people know it by more family-friendly names. Nice and easy to learn, with the main rule being to make sure that everyone agrees on the rules before you start (see all the variations on the wikipedia page...).
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Best answer: Egyptian Rat Screw! We played with pairs, tens, and sandwitches, and if you fucked up slapping, you had to pay up the size of the pile, and if you had no cards and mis-slapped, you got punched in the shoulder. While looking for rules for you, i also found this.
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I'm not sure how obscure Oh Hell is, but I played it for the first time a few weeks ago (never heard of it before that) and it was *awesome.*
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Durak is one of my favorite games of all time. You can strip the low cards out of the deck to make it go faster.
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Basra [Egypt] is played almost identically to Casino. In Italy, nearly every region has their own uniquely styled pack of cards (although many of them have the same number of cards: 40).

For unusual, if you don't know Egyptian Ratscrew, you should learn it. Oh Hell is a very entertaining game that, while not all that obscure really, is not as widely played as other trick-based games. The alternative names section for the "Oh Hell" article indicates that this game is played internationally.
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On postview: darnit.
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My favorite three person game is probably sheepshead, which is a variant on tarot games using a normal deck. Tarot can also be played with three people, apparently, but I would think there are just too many cards. That said, if you can track down a tarot deck and four friends, that is the best card game I have ever played.

Your new friend, by the by, is Pagat, which has scores of card games and rules from around the world. Explore and have fun.
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Big Two is so much fun. I don't know how obscure it is, but a lot of people I know haven't heard of it. It is easy to learn and super fun to play.
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I learnt 1000 from a good friend of mine, it's fairly simple to learn and has quite deep strategy. Takes several hours for a full game, too!
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Mao remains one of my favorites.
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My personal favourite is Sergeant Major, which is also known as 3-5-8. My Dad taught my brother and I to play this as my Mum refuses to play cards with him - he cheats! We soon got wise to his ways, and transferred our allegiance to my Mum, with whom we now play this really addictive game whenever we're together as a family.

Nobody I've ever met has ever heard of this card game, but I commend it to anyone.
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I learned Scopa from a nice old Sicilian lady. It's fun, but you'd need a 40-card Neapolitan pack.
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I got taught a game apparently called Briscas (I tend to remember game mechanics better than game names), a Puerto Rican card game (or at least one played by some people from Puerto Rico).
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How about Faro? I've never actually played it, I just know of it because of Deadwood.
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Pinochle. So exotic that it requires its own special deck.
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I am a huge fan of set.

It requires its own 81 card deck, but it is a really fun competitive thinking game if you have the right crowd of people to play. The only complaint I have against it is it is not very good if some of the players are much better than others.
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