Getting back money that Ticketmaster stole
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How do I get a refund for a magazine that Ticketmaster forced upon me?

I bought tickets from Ticketmaster, and ended up with a subscription to a magazine in addition to overpriced tickets.

On this page, it says that information about a refund will be sent via a postcard. Well I haven't seen a postcard, but I did get an issue of the magazine. (It also says that charging me automatically for a magazine I don't want it is a "benefit"....)

Does anyone know the magic phrase printed on the missing postcard to get a refund?

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This would be a great post on The Consumerist.
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Call Customer Service.
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I assume you paid via credit card; you might want to try disputing the charge through the card issuer or getting a phone number for the subscription agent off your statement and contacting them that way. I just realized that mechanism is probably how we ended up with a subscription to People; I was going to cancel it but my wife reads it enough that we decided to keep it, as she was buying one most weeks at the grocery store anyway. It does kind of piss me off that Ticketmaster has added that to all the other nefarious shit they do.
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Have you called Ticketmaster? Or Entertainment Weekly?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help everyone.

Guess I should have searched le goog a bit more.

I was able to cancel the subscription here.

Still, I can't get over them calling it a benefit...
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How much did you pay for the magazine? It doesn't say anywhere on the page.
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It's not clear to me that you're actually paying for this subscription. In fact, it sounds like you're getting the first year free and just need to not renew.
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