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What was this divine cheese, and where can I find it again?

At a party back in January, I had a few bites of the most delicious cheese I've ever tried (it might have even been the most delicious food I've tried, period). It was a semi-soft cheese with a delightfully nutty flavor, and a slight tangy/grassy aftertaste that I usually associate with sheep's milk.

On the cheese plate, it was labeled like this: "Nesa, sheep, Spain." I've looked for it everywhere... the cheese plate in question was purchased from Cheesetique in Alexandria, Virginia, but they no longer carried it when I went in to ask. Google doesn't turn up much, either.

Any idea what kind of cheese this is? And does anyone know where I can buy some? Preferably in the Phoenix metro area, but I'd be willing to purchase it online as well.
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Could it have been Nisa (which is Portuguese)?
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That sounds like a description of most semi-soft sheep's milk cheeses. I can't identify this particular cheese, but you might try other sheep's milk cheeses and see if you like them for the same reasons...
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Well, here's a list that might help you identify the style of cheese. Off the top of my head, it sounds like maybe a Basque-region cheese?

Not much help, sorry. A local knowledgeable cheesemonger may be your best bet -- I'm surprised the original store couldn't be of more help.
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