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How should I put my diary / autobiography online? I'm almost asking how best to order and annotate my old photos, but I'd like the possibility of more extensive writing as well. I'm expecting to order things by date, but advice on categories would be good. It's not a commercial venture, just fun for the extended family.

Simplicity for submitting photos and text is the premier requirement. I'd like this to be shared with family with varying computer literacy. Cost is the next - probably not possible if not free-ish. After that comes ease of setup - I don't have time for extensive customization of a system. A sensible way to include a family tree would be neat.

I have a website (with almost zero content) so the solution could be hosted there if that's best; I've rudimentary web coding skill (Dreamweaver, HTML & CSS, not design) so could probably manage a wiki (but I haven't tried.)
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I would say install WordPress or have it installed on your site, or get a free blog. It supports categories, photo insertion, etc. and it's really easy to use. And free too!

To install it on your site ("the famous 5 minute install"), you need PHP and a MySQL database.

Good luck and have fun!
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