They were much cheaper when we visited in the spring.
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I need a hair stylist in Kitsap County. Like this question, but across the water.

I'm looking for somebody to razorcut my (full head of straight, thick, Caucasian) hair into randomized, messy, chunky, spiky awesomeness. I can describe exactly what I want, I just need somebody of skill with a razor. And I'd prefer not to have to include $30 worth of ferryboat in this; anywhere on the peninsula is fine.

For the purposes of this question, you may consider me gay and headed to the club.

(Bonus question: where's the club?)
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You might want to check out Gig Harbor, that place had gotten pretty chic last time I was there. I can't imagine you'll find much in Bremerton or Port Orchard. Maybe Silverdale.

Club = Seattle. I've been gone from Kitsap for 10 years - I can't imagine that's enough time for it to grow a nightlife that doesn't involve Bug Light, pool sticks, and sailors.

Good luck finding a stylist in Kitsap who's only razor experience involves the skinhead look. Seriously try Gig Harbor, or continue on over to Tacoma and try your luck. If you head over to Bellevue, my old stylist may still be there, and she was always willing to try new looks.
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