Help us identify our dog.
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What kind of breed is our dog? We are confident that he is of Japanese origin based on his face and coloration, and we want to be the best parents we can be.

Elway is about 50 lbs, quiet as a church-mouse and looks very much like a Shiba Inu, but larger and without the upturned tail. Shibas are generally no more than 40 lbs at the very largest. Elway, contrary to the common temperament of Shibas, is quite friendly (even excitable) around humans and other dogs. He is high-energy, a bit destructive and loves to dig. We have heard that Shibas are supposed to be good guard dogs, but ours would likely annoy an intruder to death with neediness rather than scare him.

The wife thinks that he is part German Shepard due to the coloration on his back, but I'm not so sure. The doggie DNA tests are out of our price range and we would rather not invest in a book merely to identify him (if possible). Help?
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I actually looked at the pic before I read your whole question, and my first thought was part German Shephard. His facial structure, particularly of the snout, along with the coloration, made me think that. I'm not familiar with Shiba Inus. Regardless, he's absolutely adorable and has very sweet eyes. Enjoy each other!
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He definitely looked like a German Shepard as a puppy, but he's kind of grown out of it, with the exception of his coloration. And I should probably add that he's been at 50 lbs for a couple of months now so we don't expect him to get any bigger.
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More recent photos here.
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I can definitely see Shiba Inu in there, but he also kind of looks like a shepherd or maybe even cattle dog? The face has a cattle dog/blue heeler look to it IMO. At any rate, your dog is as cute as a bug's ear. Great name, too.
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Tee first thing I thought of was a Basenji. Some of the pics are very similar to Elway and some are not. I made a post on MetaFilter a year or so about this breed. They like to howl/sing along with music.
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hmmm...maybe he has some Jindo in him. Jindos are a Korean breed. I've heard some (mostly older Koreans) say that Japanese dogs like Shiba Inus and Akita are descendents of Jindos (per Japanese occupation of Korea). I've never researched enough to verify that claim, but Jindos and Shibas do have simliar features.

Jindo pictures

More Jindo pictures, with links to Jindo clubs
Jindo page
and of course, Jindo wiki
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A google search for dog dna test brought up several companies that will analyze a cheek swab and give you an analysis.
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I came in to say Jindo :)
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and i came in to say really cute dog! sorry. i don't have any idea what breed he might be, but he isadorable!
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Appearance-wise, he looks VERY Jindo, but I'm not sure where he gets his temperament from! Yeoja gets best answer if for the resources alone! Thanks, hivemind!
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From The Mutt Book, here are suggestions based on what I see in your dog:

Ears - high set, prick style - suggested breed: Australian Cattle Dog, Shiba Inu

Head shape - hmm, could be fox-like, blocky, or wedge-shaped. Fox-like breeds include shiba inu. Blocky breeds include Staffies, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Rotties. (All of those have different ears though). Wedge-shaped include Aussie shepherd (again, different ears)

Body shape - This pic suggests deep chest, although it's hard to tell. Deep chested dogs include pointers, Dobes, Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Could also be massive/blocky, which is Staffies, bulldogs, bullmastiffs, shar-peis. (Or, based on my own experience, just a big bubba-dog.)

Coat - more bristly suggests shiba inu, more wiry suggests a terrier. Also a style the book calls "stand-off" suggests Norweigan Elkhound, Keeshond, Pomeranian or Shiba Inu. If it's really thick, think shepherd, retriever or husky.

Coat Pattern - I see a slight saddle pattern, which is terrier or German shepherd.

Tail - I see the sabre style of the German shepherd.

Paws - Hmm, not really enough evidence here either way. They kinda look like the "webbed" style of a retriever, or the "snowshoe" style of a malamute, elkhound or husky.

In summary, I think you've got a shiba inu mixed with a retriever or shepherd. Or maybe...a bronco? :-)
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I was about to say Jindo too but I see that I am way late.
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Hmm, he looks to me like a german shepherd/ yellow lab mix. Not very exotic, I'm afraid, but adorable nonetheless!
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