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Where can I download high quality Ryan Adams Avatar Sessions videos?

I've just discovered Ryan Adams, and I bought his CD "Easy Tiger" on iTunes. Along with the m4p's, the download included a live performance video of "Two" (.m4v file) which pretty much blew me away. I want to find videos for the rest of the songs on the album. After googling around, I found out the videos come from something called the Avatar Sessions. You can find a bunch of them on YouTube, but I'd love to find all of them somewhere in high quality like the one that came with the iTunes download.

So, is this Avatar Sessions thing available somewhere? (downloadable, or a DVD I can buy) I can't seem to find anything other than YouTube.

Also, any of you Ryan Adams fans feel free to suggest which of his other CD's I should check out next.

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Haven't heard anything about the Avatar Sessions (though I'm intrigued), but as for albums, Gold is probably his most accessible album and is straightforward rock -- the whole album is solid (i.e. no songs stand out 'cause they're all pretty great). Rock N Roll doesn't have a very good reputation, and it's not my favourite. Jacksonville City Nights is super old-school country kind of songs -- think country in the '60s. 29 is melancholy and introspective, and quite frankly, really depressing ("Blue Sky Blues" and "Elizabeth, You Were Born to Play That Part" are the best songs on it, I think). Love Is Hell and Demolition are all right, lots of good songs on the former especially (including the cover of "Wonderwall"). My ABSOLUTE favourite is Cold Roses, a double album that is solidly alt-country -- he's totally in his element there. That was the album that got me into Ryan Adams and he breaks my heart every time I listen to "Meadowlake Street." There are also lots of fun rockers on there too. My second favourite album is Heartbreaker -- "To Be Young" and "Come Pick Me Up" are the standouts, plus there's a great duet with Emmylou Harris ("Oh My Sweet Carolina").

Prior to his solo work, he fronted Whiskeytown, so if you whip through all of his stuff, you could check out Whiskeytown as well.
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One of the comments on this page suggests that the Avatar sessions were on promotional DVDs released around the same time as Easy Tiger. There's one available on Ebay but it seems to have only 3 tracks and not the whole session.

Seriously, no one else here likes Ryan Adams? COME ON.
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