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Which DVI slot on the back of my 2 NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT 512MB cards running SLI mode should I hook up my monitor? And how do I know if they are install and running SLI mode correctly?

My monitor came up and I can use the computer, but I can’t tell yet if every thing is running correctly.
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As far as I know, it doesn't at all matter which of the ports you use. No clue on the SLI, sorry.
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You set SLI mode via the NVidia Control Panel that comes with the drivers. When installing the drivers, it should automatically detect that you have two card and offer to enable SLI mode.

It doesn't matter which port you plug the monitor into (SLI means its treated like one card), but if it idoesn't work with one, put it in the other.
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In the nvidia control panel there is an option for an on screen display of the sli. it overlays two big bars, showing you the load across the two cards. It helps demonstrate the different load sharing sli options.
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